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Yes! We are a DMV licensed traffic school provider. Our license number is E0145.

The price includes ABSOLUTELY everything you need to mask your ticket. NO HIDDEN FEES!

  • Course
  • Final Exam
  • Study Guide
  • Unlimited Logins
  • Instant Test Results
  • Electronic Submission to Court / DMV
  • Completion Receipt

In California, you can take traffic school to mask a ticket once every 18 months. This is measured from violation date to violation date.

Most moving violations are eligible for traffic school as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • You have not attended traffic school for a violation received in the last 18 months.
  • You were not driving a commercial vehicle or carrying hazardous material when you were cited.
  • You were not cited for a violation that carries a negligent operator count of more than one point.

If you are unsure if you are eligible for traffic school, contact the court that issued your ticket.

No. You cannot remove points on your driving record.

Our course meets the requirements for an 8-hour traffic school course. However, because the course is done online, there is no time limit. It is self-paced, and you can take as much time as needed to complete.

No. Our course meets the requirements for an 8-hour traffic school course, but since it’s done ENTIRELY ONLINE, there is no timer. The course is self-paced, and you are able to spend as much time as you need on each section.

No. You can log in and out as many times as you’d like. Your progress is saved automatically as you go. When you log back in, you will be taken to the section you last completed.

Your account will always remain active. You just need to complete the course before the due date the court gave you.

Yes. There is a short quiz after each section of reading that you will need to pass with 100%. You can retake the quizzes as many times as it takes to pass. Each quiz has 2-5 questions.

After each section, you will be asked 2-5 questions that you need to pass with 100% to move forward.

Yes! We provide a full review of the course that is available for you to use while answering the final exam questions.

There is a link on the final exam that allows you to open the study guide in a separate window. You can have both the study guide and final exam open at the same time making it easy for you to pass!

As required by the DMV, there are 25 multiple choice questions on the final exam.

You need to score a 70% or better to pass the final exam. That means you need to answer at least 18 of the 25 questions correct.

As required by the DMV, you will have only two chances to pass the final exam with a score of 70% or better. The final exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions, and it is an open book test. We provide a study guide for you to use while answering the questions.

If you fail the final exam on the first try, you will have another chance to take a second final exam consisting of different questions. After two failed attempts, your account will be made inactive. You can take the entire course again or take another traffic violator school course if your court continuance time allows.

The final exam procedures have been established and are required by the California DMV.

We make our course and final exam as EASY AS POSSIBLE! It is unlikely that you will fail the final exam as long as you use the materials provided. If, somehow, you do fail the final, you will be given one more attempt to pass. The second final exam consists of different questions.

After two failed attempts, your account will be made inactive. You can take the entire course again or take another traffic violator school course if your court continuance time allows.

Your certificate of completion is submitted electronically to the court and the DMV within three days of your completion. Immediate electronic filing is available if you are close to your due date. You will also receive a FREE DMV completion receipt that you can print for your records.

Your certificate is submitted within three business days of completion. We offer immediate electronic filing if your court date is three days or less in the future.

No. The course fee includes everything you need to mask your ticket including the course, electronic submission to the court and DMV, and a free completion receipt. We provide extra services to assist our students that you can choose to purchase.

Yes. Our site is 100% secured. All your information is confidential and will never be shared with any third party for any reason. Our entire website is protected with the most secure server technology, which encrypts all your information insuring you can take our course with the confidence that your personal information is being protected at all times.

The fee you paid to the court is an administrative fee that allows you take traffic school. All traffic schools have their own service fee, which are separate from any fees charged by the court.

Once you pay your ticket, the court typically gives you anywhere from 30-90 days to complete a traffic school course. Contact your court if you are unsure of your due date.

Yes! As long as you finish BEFORE midnight on the date your traffic school is due, you will be in compliance with the court’s due date. Immediate electronic filing is available to ensure it gets to the court on time.

If your due date to complete traffic school has already passed, we recommend contacting your court as soon as possible to find out if you are eligible for an extension on your due date. Your court’s contact information can be found on your citation or you can go to

Signing up is easy! Click Here to register or contact one of our traffic school specialists at the number in the top right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

You can start IMMEDIATELY after you sign up! It only takes a few minutes to register!

Log In Here with your driver’s license number and the password you created, and you will be taken to the last section you completed.

The county in which you received your ticket and the court to which you’re assigned can be found on the original ticket you received or on the courtesy notice the court sent you.

You can find your case, docket, or citation number on the original citation you received or on the courtesy notice the court sent you.

You can find your traffic school due date on the courtesy notice the court sent you or on the payment receipt from when you paid your ticket. Typically, the court will grant you anywhere from 30 – 90 days from the date you pay your ticket to complete traffic school.

No. Our course is 100% online. You only need a computer or mobile device with internet connection to complete the course.

The California DMV requires all online traffic schools to verify your identity throughout the course. At the beginning of the course, you will be asked a series of questions. Remember the answers to these questions as you will be asked again periodically throughout the course to be sure you are the one taking the course and not someone else.

As required by the DMV, you will have 60 minutes to complete the 25-question multiple choice exam. If you do not complete in 60 minutes, you will fail the final exam. You will have only one more chance to pass with a 70% or better.

You will receive a FREE DMV completion receipt to print once you finish the course and pass the final exam. If you would like an original certificate of completion mailed or emailed to you, you can choose to purchase it.

Please allow 2-3 weeks after completing the course for the court to process your certificate and close your case. If it has been more than three weeks, please make sure you have paid all necessary fees to the court including your fine and traffic school fees. Check your court documents to be sure all the information you provided us is correct. If any information is incorrect, please contact our office to make any necessary corrections.

You can take the ENITRE COURSE for FREE. You do not pay until the end when you want to take your final exam and have your certificate sent to the court and DMV. Therefore, you are not eligible for a refund once you complete the final exam.

If there is a discrepancy with the billing, please contact our office immediately, BEFORE contacting your credit card company. If you were charged in error, we would be happy to refund you.

The audio read-along feature allows you to listen to the course as you follow along with the reading material. Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time can strain your eyes, and this feature can give your eyes a break.

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